Company Overview

Our practice is about helping companies increase revenues and profitability through the intelligent utilization of human capital – their people.  We take a holistic approach which starts with listening and observing so that we have a true sense of what the company wants to achieve on a number of levels.  Then we apply what we’ve learned over the years to come up with prescriptive, actionable guidance that is tailored to the situation and personalities involved.

Finding & Keeping:  Companies that have locked into what the market needs may be resource constrained, as they work long hours to deliver today and develop for the future.  Locating and ramping up staffing can be time consuming and pull valuable energy away from tasks at hand.  That’s where Vervais & Associates fits in.  As your strategic “Finding & Keeping” partner, we can take on the talent acquisition, management and retention activities.

Integrating & Inspiring:  The new normal is for companies to grow through mergers and acquisitions with global implications.  It takes 360-degree thinking and a steady hand at the rudder to keep a business moving swiftly through waters which may be choppy at first.  That’s where Vervais & Associates fits in.  We have extensive experience helping businesses structure their organizations to create a unifying culture that can deliver timely results and achieve the synergistic benefits of  working with a diverse talent pool.  Activities include organization design and development, compensation programs, fixed and variable.

Auditing & Navigating:  There are a laundry list of laws that companies need to keep an eye on to ensure they are in compliance.  Sometimes when the emphasis is on creating and delivering value to the market, the compliance part falls through the cracks.  That’s where Vervais & Associates fits in.  We are well versed in the requirements related to the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), so we can help companies navigate the paperwork and procedures necessary to keep the business compliant.