Finding & Keeping

Companies that have locked into what the market needs may be resource constrained, as they work long hours to deliver today and develop for the future.  Locating and ramping up staffing can be time consuming and pull valuable energy away from tasks at hand.

ResumeThat’s where Vervais & Associates fits in.  As your strategic “Finding & Keeping” partner, we can take on the talent acquisition, management and retention activities.

Relevant Experience includes:

  • Established a comprehensive talent acquisition and retention program at a global provider of deployable sensory/monitoring networks for operating leadership roles worldwide, including career ladders, training and development programs for high-value engineering and R&D talent.
  • Refined and improved candidate sourcing/selection which resulted in reduced time-to-hire by 30%, accelerated on-board 50%+ and minimized attrition of high-quality talent.
  • Implemented career development plans with clear delineation of increased responsibilities and accountability, as well as variable compensation, thereby achieving 10% advancement and retention levels.
  • Proposed and received Board approval for structural changes to executive, expatriate and management salary, incentive/variable pay and benefit plans. Introduced a new philosophy for competitive compensation tied directly to business performance at that same company.
  • Revamped U.S. benefit plans to increase options while reducing costs ~$100K for 100 U.S. employees.

Greg has a very good sense of what works from a compensation standpoint and based on his advice, we were able to put together packages that kept our business critical teams intact and motivated.”

— Colin Parkin, General Manager Canadian Solar Solutions


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